Enclosed Fiber Laser Marker LME-FE

  Enclosed fiber laser marker come with full closed cover, protect operater.  It is easy to operate. It main used to marking and engraving metal like stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, gold, silver ect. Also it can be used to cut silver, gold, brass ect material. The power has 20w, 30w, 50w, 60w, 80w, 100w. There also have Mopa laser, do color marking. 


Technical Specification

نموذج المعدات LME-FE
قوة الليزر 20/30/60/100w
عرض نبضة الليزر Non adjustable/0-1000nm(Mopa)
ماركة الليزر Raycus/JPT/Max
Control system JCZ/BSL/LightBurn
Marking line width 0.01-0.1 مم
Marking size 110/145/175/200/300(Optional)

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Product Advantage


JCZ control board, popular & Stable

Popular brand in the world, easy to operate, comes with many languages, different kinds of functions. It can meet customers’ different needs.

Full Closed machine body, Class 1

Full closed machine body, suit for Class 1, protect custommer. Very popular in Europe, easy operate and protect operator.


2 Years warranty

The machine come with 2 years warranty, stable and high cost-effective. All machines use famous brand parts, with strict quality inspection. LME laser machine, customer’s best choice, welcome the masses of customer to trust to purchase.

Sino-Galvo Galvo

Good operation stability, high positioning accuracy, marking speed, strong anti-interference ability, comprehensive performance indicators reach the technical level of the same type of products at home and abroad.


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