Advantages of handheld welding machine

With the development trend of scientific research and technology, the use of laser welding technology has long been invisibly changing our daily life, constantly innovating the technical shortcomings of welding, bringing a steady stream of application for the rapid development of industrialization and industrial equipment, with the continuous upgrading of laser welding technology, its application […]

Application of laser marking machine

1. Fiber laser marking machine: Mainly used in: marking the required text, pattern, barcode and other graphics on hard plastic, electronic, metal and other materials, the fiber laser marking machine is simple and convenient to operate, and the marking speed is fast and clear, which makes the production efficiency of the enterprise. optimization. 2. Ultraviolet […]

How to choose a laser marking machine

1.see marking material Laser marking machine can be divided into: fiber laser marking machine, CO2 laser marking machine, UV laser marking machine according to different lasers.Different workpiece materials have different choices of laser marking machines and different wavelengths and powers are suitable for different materials. The wavelength of the fiber laser marking machine is 1064nm, […]

How to choose the application industry

Portable laser marking machine is a small and light equipment that uses laser technology for marking, featuring high precision, high speed and high efficiency. It can be used in multiple industries and application fields, the following are some common application industries: 1. Electronics industry: Portable laser marking machines can be used for identification and tracking of […]

The main purpose of the laser

Lasers are one of the essential core components in modern laser processing systems. With the development of laser processing technology, lasers are also constantly developing, and many new types of lasers have emerged. The lasers used in early laser processing were mainly high-power CO2 gas lasers and lamp-pumped solid-state YAG lasers. From the perspective of […]