What are the advantages of fiber lasers in cutting applications

As one of the core components of high-end manufacturing equipment, fiber lasers are in line with the background of industrial manufacturing transformation and meet the requirements of difficult and changing multi-dimensional processing applications. The advantages of fiber laser material processing make it popular in the market, and it efficiently solves the pain points of high […]

Laser cutting technology promotes industrial upgrading in the automotive industry

Intelligent, high-end, diversified, and energy-saving are the new trends in the automotive industry in recent years. Automobile manufacturing is a complex and precise project that requires a series of processes and technologies to complete, and laser cutting technology has become an important technology to promote the upgrading of automobile manufacturing. In developed industrial countries such […]

Application of fiber laser cutting machine in kitchen and bathroom industry

Stainless steel kitchen and bathroom supplies are widely favored by the market for their corrosion resistance, aesthetics and practicality. The traditional sheet metal processing method is cumbersome, time-consuming, and high in labor costs, which cannot meet the needs of the market. With the use of fiber laser cutting machines, a technological innovation has been brought […]

Application of laser cutting machine in shipbuilding industry

The continuous development of shipbuilding technology has led to major changes in shipbuilding materials and ship design. The application of laser technology in shipbuilding has its uniqueness, which is closely related to the processing and application characteristics of the ship itself and the characteristics of the laser manufacturing system. So, what are the specific applications […]