Ultra-light new air-cooled cleaning machine LME-CPA

    The new generation of handheld laser cleaning machine has fast cleaning speed, good effect, easy to learn, easy to use and easier to operate, which can greatly improve cleaning efficiency.

    Through the intelligent operating system, users can quickly select cleaning parameters according to different materials, and novices can easily complete the cleaning work.


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Technical Specification

Portable Air Cooling Laser Cleaning Machine LME-CA
Laser Power1000W1500W
Power Requirements220V (50/60hz)
Cooling MethodAir cooling
Machine Power2600w3600w
Working Environment: -20~50°C, Humidity <70°, no condensation
Focus Focal LengthD20*3.5 F400m/D20*3.5 F800mm
Cleaning Speed5-20m²/h8-40m²/h

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Product Advantage


Light Weight Design, Easy and Portable

Mobile work is more convenient, it is easy to carry and can be lifted by one person. Small size, light weight, high performance, more ergonomic, light weight design, no fatigue when working for a long time. Easily cope with multiple cleaning scenes, and can be easily accommodated in the trunk.

Higher cleaning efficiency, width up to 300mm

Using Gefasst Sup22C cleaning head, the cleaning range is adjustable from 0-300mm. Set a protection switch to prevent dust from entering. Set multiple security alarms, smaller in size, flexible in operation, and easy to use.


Intelligent operating system low voltage alarm function

The industrial-grade LED touch screen intelligent system comes standard with a low-voltage alarm function. When the protective gas is lower than the set pressure, the system automatically alarms to prevent lens burnout. With 25 languages and user-defined process parameters, users can quickly select cleaning parameters according to different materials. The operation is simple and faster, saving novice training and production costs.

Super environmental adaptability, suitable for cleaning in hot and cold temperatures

Powerful air cooling, real-time cleaning without preheating, no refrigerant refrigeration, adaptable to harsh environments. It saves energy, is not afraid of high temperatures, has a longer maintenance-free period, is durable and saves money. Frequency conversion and phase change heat dissipation solution, high-efficiency heat dissipation technology and intelligent variable speed of the fan, achieving high efficiency, low energy consumption.



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    Laser cleaning Application

    Industrial Cleaning
    Abrasive Cleaning
    Sheet Metal Paint Cleaning
    Precision parts oil and ester removal
    Electronics industry Cleaning
    Building & Walls Cleaning

    Why Choose LME Laser?

    Professional R&D Team

    LME laser uses advanced technology and the highest level of domestic manufacturing process to ensure the efficiency, reliability and advanced technology of each laser machine, so that it has more excellent cost-effective than similar products.

    Professional Service Support

    24h service support, more than 17 years experience engineer team. From pre-sales to after-sales, provide professional support. More than 8 language service support, to one hundred percent customer trust.

    Strict Quality Control

    LME laser entire system from design to finished product shipments are based on continuous monitoring and ISO9001 quality system strictly controlled. All machine come with CE, FDA certification.

    Excellent Reputation & Feedback

    With high quality, good reputation and quick action, get the trust of the customer satisfaction and recognition. Customer first, service first is our principle of service!

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