Backpack Pulse Fiber Laser Cleaning Machine LME-CPB

    LME-CP adopts a backpack design, can hand-held, also can carried on the shoulder, or fixed on the work station. The whole machine is small and light, convenient to use in various occasions. It can remove various types of pollutants on the surface of various materials without damaging the surface of the material. Mainly used for rust removal, paint removal, coating removal, welding bead cleaning, etc.


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Technical Specification

Power 100w 200w
Average laser power ≥50W
Power instability Less than 5%
Laser operation mode Pulse
Pulse width 80-110ns adjustable
Controlling power range(%) 10-100 (Gradient adjustable)
Repetition frequency(kHz) 45-170 (Gradient adjustable)
Fiber length 1.5m
Type of cooling Air cooling
Scanning range (length * width) 0-100mm, continuously adjustable;
Dual axis supports 8 scanning modes;
Sweep frequency 10Hz~300Hz continuously adjustable
Field mirror focal length(mm) 160mm (optional 210mm/254mm/330mm/420mm)
focal depth Approx. 3mm

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Product Advantage


Backpack design, small & light

The whole machine adopts a backpack design, which is small and light, and can be used in various occasions, which is convenient for users.

2 Years warranty

The machine come with 2 years warranty, stable and high cost-effective. All machines use famous brand parts, with strict quality inspection. LME laser machine, customer’s best choice, welcome the masses of customer to trust to purchase.


Popular Max Laser Source

Max pulsed laser has high efficiency, high reliability and high performance. Easy to operate, automatically adapt to user needs, and overall maintenance-free. Compact structure, output with fiber optic isolator.

Intelligent & convenient operating system

LME laser developed operating system, it is more convenient and multi-language settings, even the initial users can easily operate.


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