Smart Handheld Fiber Laser Welder

     LME laser welder mainly used in IT, medical, electronics, batteries, metal parts, watch precision parts, automotive steel sheet and other industries, it has high welding efficiency, small heat affected zone, beautiful and firm solder joints, refractory materials also can make it. Main power is 1kw, 1.5kw. It’s the best choice for customers.


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Technical Specification

Equipment name Smart Handheld Fiber Laser Welder
Equipment model LME-WS
Laser power 1000-3000W
Welding speed 0-120mm/s
Wire diameter 0.8mm/1.0mm/1.2mm/1.6mm/2.0mm (2-3kw double wire feeder)
Cooling method Water cooling
Working environment 15 ~ 35 ° C, humidity <70 °, no condensation
Maximum power consumption 9Kw
Operating Voltage 220V50Hz/380V60Hz
Dimensions 900mm*600mm*1050mm
Total Weight 250Kg

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Product Advantage


2 Years warranty

The machine come with 2 years warranty, stable and high cost-effective. Amachines use famous brand parts, with strict quality inspection. LME lasermachine. customer’s best choice. welcome the masses of customer to trust to purchase.

Stable laser source

World brand laser source, stable and high cost-effective. Raycus, Max, RECbrand, Popular in the world. Adopt modular design, the system is highly integratedfree from maintenance, high reliability. The laser power is continuously adjustable.with high beam quality, high laser stability, is an ideal laser source for laserprecision welding area.


Sup control system, Easy to operate.

Chaoqiang independently developed 4 in 1 control system,, cutting flexible switching, setting Multiple security alarms, simple andflexible operation, is the best choice for beginners

4 in 1 laser weding head

Welding, Cleaning, Cutting, Pass cleaning,4 in 1. A variety of angle nozzles can beconfigured to meet the welding needs of different products. The weld is beautifulfast speed, no consumables, no weld, no discoloration, no need to be grinded later.


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    Sample Presentation


    Laser Welding Application

    Automobile manufacturing industry
    Aerospace Industry
    Electronics industry
    Machinery manufacturing industry
    Household appliance industry
    Household hardware industry
    Medical device manufacturing
    Pipe industry
    Jewelry industry

    Why Choose LME Laser?

    Professional R&D Team

    LME laser uses advanced technology and the highest level of domestic manufacturing process to ensure the efficiency, reliability and advanced technology of each laser machine, so that it has more excellent cost-effective than similar products.

    Professional Service Support

    24h service support, more than 17 years experience engineer team. From pre-sales to after-sales, provide professional support. More than 8 language service support, to one hundred percent customer trust.

    Strict Quality Control

    LME laser entire system from design to finished product shipments are based on continuous monitoring and ISO9001 quality system strictly controlled. All machine come with CE, FDA certification.

    Excellent Reputation & Feedback

    With high quality, good reputation and quick action, get the trust of the customer satisfaction and recognition. Customer first, service first is our principle of service!

    Our factory

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