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Fiber Laser Welding Machine LME-WL

    LME laser Optical fiber laser welding machine equipment, with a world-class product quality. The welding process is precise, high cost performance, used for docking, spot welding,edging, lap, lap, joint, T-type docking, affinity welding, deep weld, narrow weld, high welding rate. Customizable ability, can be customized according to customer needs.


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Technical Specification

Maximum laser power1000W2000W3000W
Pulse widthContinuous light outputContinuous light outputContinuous light output
Number of fiber optic outputs1 channel1 channel1 channel
Welding depthMaximum 3mm/stainless steelMaximum 4.5mm/stainless steelMaximum 6mm/stainless steel
Welding depthMaximum 1.5mm/Aluminum alloyMaximum 3mm/Aluminum alloyMaximum 4.5mm/Aluminum alloy
Overall power<4.8KW<10KW<10KW
Aiming and positioningRed light indication(CCD Optional)Red light indication(CCD Optional)Red light indication(CCD Optional)
Power inputAC220V±10%/3P+PEAC380V±10%/3P+PEAC380V±10%/3P+PE
Cooling methodWater-coolingWater-coolingWater-cooling
Fiber optic modelQBHQBHQBH
Fiber length10m10m10m


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Product Advantage


2 Years warranty

The machine come with 2 years warranty, stable and high cost-effective. Amachines use famous brand parts, with strict quality inspection. LME lasermachine. customer’s best choice. welcome the masses of customer to trust to purchase.

Customizable to meet customer needs

LME laser With many years of research and development and production experience, according to customer needs, customized customer exclusive equipment, to achieve efficient production.


Double pendulum laser head

8 light spot modes and processes. High threshold optical elements, better welding effect. integrated CCD module, can be equipped with vision software or weld tracking system

Operating system

Industrial PC control, the workpiece can move on the plane track, and can weld point, straight line, circle, square or any plane figure composed of straight line and circular arc; for docking, spot welding, edge, lap, lap, joint, T type docking, affinity welding, deep weld, narrow weld, high welding rate.


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