Mini pulse laser cleaning machine

    This is a Mini pulse laser cleaning machine, small and light, easy to carry, you can go out to different construction sites, power 100w,200w, 300w, you can choose different control systems, simple operation, is the best choice for users. LME-CM


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Technical Specification

Name of parameterUnit100-1200-1200-5300-1300-5300-10
Cleaning efficiency㎡/h2.555999
Laser type Pulsed fiberPulsed fiberPulsed fiberPulsed fiberPulsed fiberPulsed fiber
Pulse widthNS2-50013-50013-5002-5002-5002-500
Central wavelengthNM106410641064106410641064
Lasing mode Single modeSingle modeMultimodeSingle modeMultimodeMultimode
Maximum power outputW100W200W200W300W300W300W
Controlling power range%0-1000-1000-1000-1000-1000-100
Fiber beam qualityM2<2<1.5<5<2<5<12
Maximum monopulse energyMJ1.5251.5512.5
Output power instability%<5<5<5<5<5<5
Optical fiber armor length mM3~555555
Laser pulse frequencyKHZ1-40001-30001-30001-40001-40001-4000
Scan lengthMM100-145100-175100-175100-200100-200100-200
Operating stability range-15~60-15~60-15~60-15~60-15~60-15~60
Laser protection class Lv. 4Lv. 4Lv. 4Lv. 4Lv. 4Lv. 4
Laser isolator type QCWQCWQCWQCWQCWQCW
Type of cooling Air coolingAir coolingAir coolingAir coolingAir coolingAir cooling
Cooling water temperature////////////
Supply voltageV110/220110/220110/220110/220110/220110/220
Supply currentA>10>10>10>10>10>10
Total powerW80012001200160016001600
Package sizeMM400*400*400720*450 * 1015 (mini cabinet)                               610*430*970 (trolley case)
Total weightKG11(Backpack)6060808080


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Product Advantage


Mini box design

Small box design, compact structure, small and light. Can be carried to any office, easy to carry.

ZBTK cleaning system

The system is stable and reliable, compact structure, accurate optical path, good sealing, delicate appearance, light weight and easy installation.

High security, with fingerprint & password login, temperature protection, motor abnormal protection, off-line protection and other multi-level security mechanism, with idle automatic sleep function. Supports multiple language Settings.


JPT laser source

The Geput CL series is a high power fiber laser using a direct electrically modulated semiconductor laser as a seed source (MOPA) solution, with perfect laser characteristics and good pulse shape control ability, using a lightweight laser output head, while maintaining the excellent performance of laser anti-high reaction, which has outstanding advantages in laser cleaning.

2 Years warranty

The machine come with 2 years warranty, stable and high cost-effective. Amachines use famous brand parts, with strict quality inspection. LME lasermachine. customer’s best choice. welcome the masses of customer to trust to purchase.


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