Portable continuous fiber laser cleaning machine LME-CM

    This is a Mini pulse laser cleaning machine, small and light, easy to carry, you can go out to different construction sites, power 100w,200w, 300w, you can choose different control systems, simple operation, is the best choice for users. LME-CM


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Technical Specification

Equipment name Portable continuous fiber laser cleaning machine
Equipment model LME-CM
Laser power 1000-1500W
Cleaning speed 5-20m²/h(1000W) 8-40m²/h(1500W)
Laser Wavelength Range 1064±10nm
Cooling method Water cooling
Working environment 15 ~ 35 ° C, humidity <70 °, no condensation
Maximum power consumption <9Kw
Operating Voltage 220V、50Hz/380V、60Hz

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Product Advantage


2 Years warranty

The machine come with 2 years warranty, stable and high cost-effective. Amachines use famous brand parts, with strict quality inspection. LME lasermachine. customer’s best choice. welcome the masses of customer to trust to purchase.

Portable design

The machine design is small and light, easy to carry. Can be taken to different places for processing.


Relfar Control system, easy to operate More Details

Relfar Control system, easy to operate. Intelligent protection system, mobileterminal APP and PC monitoring, real-time feedback of working status.

RelFar Laser cleaning head

With intelligent protection system mobile terminal APP and Pc terminalmonitoring and real-time feedback; Multiple safety lock, high safety performance.The whole body water cooling design, more lasting stability, Good cleaning effecthigh threshold optical components, better effect.


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