UV Laser marking machine

UV laser marking machine have 3w, 5w, 10w, 20w, can get the perfect effect, the mark is clear. Main used to the Flexible pcb board marking; Microhole and blind hole processing of silicon wafer; LCD liquid crystal glass two-dimensional code marking, glass utensils surface punching, metal surface coating marking, plastic keys, electronic components, gifts, communication equipment, building materials and so on.

Integrated UV Laser Marker LME-Ul
Desktop UV Laser Marker LME-UD
Spilit UV Laser Marker LME-US
Fly UV Laser Marker LME-UF
Why Choose LME Laser?

Professional R&D Team

LME laser uses advanced technology and the highest level of domestic manufacturing process to ensure the efficiency, reliability and advanced technology of each laser machine, so that it has more excellent cost-effective than similar products.

Professional Service Support

24h service support, more than 17 years experience engineer team. From pre-sales to after-sales, provide professional support. More than 8 language service support, to one hundred percent customer trust.

Strict Quality Control

LME laser entire system from design to finished product shipments are based on continuous monitoring and ISO9001 quality system strictly controlled. All machine come with CE, FDA certification.

Excellent Reputation & Feedback

With high quality, good reputation and quick action, get the trust of the customer satisfaction and recognition. Customer first, service first is our principle of service!

UV Laser Marking Applications

Medical industry

In the field of pharmaceutical packaging, UV laser marking machines are used for high-precision marking of medical devices and pharmaceutical packaging, which helps in the identification, anti-counterfeiting and traceability of medical supplies.

Chemical industry

UV laser marking machines are used for chloride marking, acrylic resin marking, etc., which improves the accuracy and speed of marking and provides a more efficient production solution for the chemical industry.

Electronic industry

UV laser marking machines can also be used in the electronics industry. The particularity of the electronics industry determines that it requires high-precision marking machines, and UV marking machines just meet this requirement. Moreover, the UV laser marking machine uses cold processing and will not cause damage to the marked products.

Hyperfine processing industry

UV laser marking machine is suitable for flexible PCB board marking and scribing; silicon wafer micro-hole and blind hole processing; LCD liquid crystal glass QR code marking, glassware surface marking, metal surface coating marking, etc.

Food packaging industry

In the field of food packaging, UV laser marking machines can mark the production date, shelf life, bar code and other information on the packaging with high precision, ensuring the safety and quality of food. Similarly, compared to traditional methods such as silk screen printing and spraying, UV laser marking machines can achieve higher precision marking, ensuring the accuracy and clarity of information.

Glass products

The UV laser marking machine is different from other types of marking machines in that it does not use thermal processing, but cold processing. Therefore, it can effectively avoid thermal damage to the processed materials during marking and ensure the integrity of the product.

Ceramic products

UV laser marking machine can be used for ceramic engraving, marking and other processing, such as personalized engraving on ceramic cups, or marking on ceramic tableware, etc. In addition, UV laser marking machines can also perform subtle treatments on ceramic surfaces to improve their quality and aesthetics.

Plastic products

UV laser marking machines utilize UV laser technology, which has high energy density and can meet the marking needs from simple to complex patterns while maintaining the beauty and durability of plastics. It is suitable for a variety of plastic materials, including but not limited to PE, PP, PVC, PET and PC, etc.

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