Industrial Online Flying Laser Marker

LME online flying laser marking machine have fiber flying laser marker, CO2 flying laser marker and UV flying laser marker. The flying laser marker can run marking along with the production line, come with fast speed, high production efficiency, long service life, and easy to operate.  It main used in external packaging line marking, food and medical packaging materials marking, punching microholes,, such as production date, molded and extruded product areas such as wires/cables, tubes and pipes,

Fly Fiber Laser Marker LME-FF
Fly UV Laser Marker LME-UF
Fly CO2 Laser Marker LME-CF
Why Choose LME Laser?

Professional R&D Team

LME laser uses advanced technology and the highest level of domestic manufacturing process to ensure the efficiency, reliability and advanced technology of each laser machine, so that it has more excellent cost-effective than similar products.

Professional Service Support

24h service support, more than 17 years experience engineer team. From pre-sales to after-sales, provide professional support. More than 8 language service support, to one hundred percent customer trust.

Strict Quality Control

LME laser entire system from design to finished product shipments are based on continuous monitoring and ISO9001 quality system strictly controlled. All machine come with CE, FDA certification.

Excellent Reputation & Feedback

With high quality, good reputation and quick action, get the trust of the customer satisfaction and recognition. Customer first, service first is our principle of service!

Industrial Online Flying Applications

Food And Beverage Industry

Marking on the outer packaging of food and beverages, including some QR codes, barcodes, production dates, product batch numbers, etc. Flying laser marking machines are still the mainstream marking equipment in beverage and mineral water factories.

Daily Necessities Industry

Daily necessities, as daily necessities, are closely related to people’s daily lives. Flying laser marking machines can quickly mark production dates, product batch numbers, etc.,flying laser marking machines, which are widely used in this field.

Pharmaceutical Industry

The flying laser marking machine can be used to mark barcodes, production batches and other information on pharmaceutical packaging boxes. Unlike static laser marking, the flying marking machine uses dynamic marking, which can achieve perfect integration with the production line. This greatly improves production efficiency.

Chemical Building Materials Industry

For the building materials industry, such as cement, steel bars, ceramic tiles and other materials, CO2 flying laser marking machine can accurately print model, specification, production batch and other information on their surface. The use of flying laser marking machines can be carried out in conjunction with the rhythm of the production line, which is beneficial to improving production efficiency and realizing production automation.

Electronic Industry

Flying laser marking machines can provide high-quality and efficient marking and engraving in the electronics industry, which is crucial for product brand recognition, batch traceability and anti-counterfeiting functions. And due to the high-precision characteristics of the marking machine, it can print tiny characters on small-sized items.

Cosmetics Industry

The UV flying laser marking machine can mark cosmetic packaging, including product names, brand logos and other important information. These marks not only help consumers identify and purchase authentic products, but also help brand owners conduct product traceability and quality management.

Glass Products

The UV flying laser marking machine uses advanced UV laser technology to mark the glass surface efficiently and accurately. Whether it is doors, windows, home decorations or works of art, UV flying laser marking machines can be used for fine engraving, cutting and other processing.

Automobile Manufacturing Industry

In the automobile manufacturing industry, CO2 flying laser marking machines are used to print traceability codes on vehicle parts to track the entire production, assembly, and transportation of parts to ensure product quality.

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