Auto parts

LME laser laser equipment is widely used in the auto parts industry, and laser equipment can be seen on various accessories such as engines, gearboxes, transmission shafts, and chassis parts.

The laser marking machine could print LOGO trademarks, text patterns, QR codes, serial numbers, symbols, etc. in the auto parts industry for customers.
The realization of the diversification of marking equipment can enrich the industrial chain of products.
LME laser marking equipment has the characteristics of fast marking speed, high production efficiency, arbitrary modification of pattern and text, and long-lasting color of marking trademark code.

Application of automotive filter element marking

Engine parts marking applications

Key part marking application

key parts marking application

Marking application of central control components

Auto Parts Industry Overall

The laser welding machine can be used for welding in the lithium battery industry and the sensor industry for customers, with the advantages of high welding accuracy and fast speed.

Sensor Welding Applications

Lithium battery welding application

Auto parts cutting

Auto parts cutting application

Auto parts cutting application

Auto parts cutting application

Auto parts cutting application

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