building material for home

LME laser equipment is widely used in building materials and home furnishing industry, PE pipe, PVC pipe, stainless steel round pipe, galvanized sheet, etc.

The laser marking machine can print LOGO trademark, text pattern, QR code, serial number, symbol, etc. on
PE pipe, PVC pipe and stainless steel pipe for customers. The realization of the diversification of marking equipment can enrich the industrial chain of products.
Our LME Laser has the characteristics of fast marking speed, high production efficiency, arbitrary modification of pattern and text, and long-lasting color of marking trademark code.

Marking PE Tube

Marking PE tube

Marking plywood application

Marking lamps application

Marking smart home application

Marking switch application

The laser welding machine can provide customers with fast welding needs in the building materials and household application industry, and has the advantages of simple operation, environmental protection and no pollution.

Jewelry welding

Advertising welding

bullet artware Welding

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