What is a flying laser marking machine?

The basic principle of laser marking machine static marking and flying laser marking machine marking is the same, the main difference is the driver software. Flying marking is vector marking. It is simple to understand that the cursor needs to move axially in one direction, and font engraving is realized through the movement of the printed object, while static marking only forms characters on a plane.

In simple terms, flying laser marking machines are industrial automation equipment equipped with assembly lines. A production line does not require manual operation, and its production capacity is several times that of a desktop laser marking machine. The desktop laser marking machine belongs to semi-automatic marking, which needs to manually place the workpiece, and remove it after processing to place the next one. This mode of operation will waste time and is more suitable for industries with small output.

The dynamic marking of the online flight of the laser marking machine means that there is no work surface, and the surface of the product can be marked 360 degrees, and it can also be assembled on the assembly line to achieve product marking with the rotation of the track.

In general, the flying laser marking machine is fast and has a high degree of industrial automation, so there is no need to increase manual positions. Static marking requires manual loading and unloading, which belongs to the semi-automatic processing mode and requires additional manual posts. The configuration hardware of flying laser marking is higher than that of static laser marking.

It basically covers the application range of static marking machines, that is, online inkjet marking on various product surfaces or outer packaging surfaces. Online flying laser marking is no longer a simple marking of product date and batch number, which is very different from traditional laser marking machines, which can only mark static objects.

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