The difference between laser welding technology and robot welding

1. The welding accuracy is different. The welding position of laser welding needs to be accurately welded, and the welding work needs to be carried out within the focus range of the laser beam, which can reach 0.1mm. The welding accuracy is very high, and some parts with small spacing can be welded; most of the robot welding uses The way of teaching and reproducing needs to set up the welding program, including welding speed, welding point position, etc., and different programming needs to be adopted for different welding seams.

2. The specifications of welding materials are different. Laser welding is suitable for welding thin materials and thin wires. The weldable thickness is limited, and workpieces exceeding 19mm cannot be welded. Laser welding is not suitable for production lines; robot welding does not have particularly high requirements for overall size, and welding robots have deviation sensing and Arc tracking function during welding, so workpieces with different thicknesses will be compensated during welding.

3. Different welding methods. During laser welding, the welding torch does not need to use electrodes, there is no concern about electrode pollution and replacement of welding torches, and non-contact welding can be used, and the loss and deformation of related components can be reduced; robot welding realizes contact welding, and welding torches need to be used as consumable parts. Regular replacement is required, and the welding torch needs to be cleaned during work, which affects the work process.

4. The welding environment is different. Both laser welding and robot welding can work in harsh environments, laser welding can work in a vacuum environment; robot welding can customize welding requirements according to different use environments.

5. The welding quality is different. The local heating speed of laser welding is fast, the influence on peripheral components is small, and the welding deformation is small. Robot welding is fixed with fixtures, and certain measures need to be taken to reduce the deformation of the workpiece.

The above is the difference between laser welding technology and robot welding. Users can choose according to their own needs when choosing a welding process.

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