Laser cleaning machine use industry and cleaning speed

  1. Use industry

Cleaning machine application industry: Microelectronics field: semiconductor components, microelectronic devices, memory templates, etc.; Cultural relics protection field: stone carvings, bronzes, glass, oil paintings and murals, etc.; Abrasive cleaning: rubber molds, composite molds, metal molds, etc.; surface Treatment: hydrophilic treatment, treatment of welds before and after welding, etc.; paint removal and rust removal: aircraft, ships, weaponry, bridges, metal pressure vessels, metal pipes, etc.; aircraft parts, electrical product parts, etc.; Others: urban graffiti, printing cylinders, building exterior walls, nuclear industry, etc.;

Ship Industry Auto Parts Rubber Mold High-end Machine Tool Tire Mold

Track Environmental protection industry Weapons equipment industry Nuclear power industry and others Laser paint removal Laser oil removal.

2.Cleaning speed

0.5mm rust and 0.5mm paint, the paint is more difficult to remove,

The cleaning machine is better for the effect of less than 1mm, and the same thickness of rust. The greater the power. The higher the efficiency.

Paint, look at the thickness, 200 watts can remove paint below 30μm, 500 watts, to 100-150μm.

3mm paint cleaning, using compound cleaning, compound cleaning is not convenient to hold.

For thick oil cleaning, engine oil is easy to vaporize in an instant, so it is best to wipe it with a rag first.

To clean rust, it depends on the compactness, which is relatively dense. According to empirical recommendations, try to choose one with high energy density, and choose single-mode 200 watts for Gaussian.

High-speed rail track cleaning, two ways, need more than 500 watts of wattage, 42 minutes for one axis. If compound cleaning, 18 minutes a shaft.

Train axles, over 500 watts and 300 watts composite.

Clean the cruise ship, mainly for maintenance, remove the paint from some parts, and paint again. Shipbuilding, cruise ships, and large tank nuclear power can push 1kw.

The runway 1kw cleaning machine is 6-8 levels per hour. For aircraft manufacturing and maintenance, choose compound cleaning, which will be developed in the future, and the safety is better.

High reflective materials can be cleaned but pay attention to the angle problem.

Latent focusing is used within the cleaning tube.

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