Common faults and solutions of laser welding machines are as follows

Error 1. When welding with a laser welder, the weld seam is very black

The airflow direction of the shielding gas is incorrect, and the airflow direction of the shielding gas should be opposite to that of the work piece.

Fault 2: Cracks appear during laser welding

1. If the cooling speed of the work piece is too fast, the temperature of the cooling water should be adjusted on the fixture to increase the water temperature.

2. When the fit gap of the work piece is too large or there are burrs, the machining accuracy of the work piece should be improved.

The work piece has not been cleaned. In this case, the work piece needs to be cleaned again.

4. The shielding gas flow rate is too large, which can be solved by reducing the shielding gas flow rate.

Fault 3: Insufficient penetration of laser welding machine

1. Insufficient laser energy can increase pulse width and current.

2. The focusing amount of the focusing lens is incorrect, and the focusing amount should be adjusted to get close to the focusing position.

Fault 4: The flame weakens when the laser welding machine is welding

1. The shutter is not fully repelled, check and lubricate the shutter connector to make the connector work smoothly.

2. Main optical path laser deviation, main optical path total reflection and semi-reflection aperture adjustment, image paper inspection, dot adjustment.

3. It can solve the problems of cooling water pollution or long-term non-replacement of cooling water, replacement of cooling water, cleaning of ultraviolet glass tubes and xenon lamps.

4. The laser will not output from the center of the copper nozzle under the focusing head. Adjust the 45° reflective aperture to output the laser from the center of the nozzle.

5. If the focusing lens or laser resonant film is damaged or polluted, it should be replaced or cleaned in time.

When the laser welding machine fails, the operation check can be carried out according to the above contents.

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