Advantages of handheld welding machine

With the development trend of scientific research and technology, the use of laser welding technology has long been invisibly changing our daily life, constantly innovating the technical shortcomings of welding, bringing a steady stream of application for the rapid development of industrialization and industrial equipment, with the continuous upgrading of laser welding technology, its application scope has also been unprecedented.

The handheld laser welding machine has become more and more popular, has become a popular sales market in the past, many companies are basically the choice of general welding machine, although it can meet most requirements, but there are many problems, such as commonly used in the welding process will leave shortcomings, such as: there is a good mouth, black condition, not strong, there is also a certain corrosion. And there are certain regulations on the technology of welders, so that the speed is relatively slow when it is actually operated, and the high efficiency can not keep up.

The application industry of handheld laser welding machine is widely used in kitchen cabinets, stair lifts, storage shelves, burning ovens, stainless steel anti-theft doors and guardrail, tap water pipes, odor-proof floor drains, etc.

The handheld laser welding machine is faster, several times faster than the general welding. There is a certain deviation in the use of people, but the actual operation of the equipment will be very precise, so that the finished product is smooth and beautiful, and the grinding repair is not carried out by human comparison in the middle and late period, which reduces a large part of human resources.

1. Welding large and medium-sized metal materials stainless steel characters using hand-held welding head, get rid of the limitations of the operating platform area.

2. Welding small and medium-sized metal materials stainless steel word mobile welding head, move the word to weld, the actual operation is convenient and simple. The fixed welding head can rotate the universal ball and get rid of the trouble of the traditional welding head rotating in one position.

3. The handheld ultrasonic mold is equipped with five meters of imported optical fiber wire, which is convenient and convenient for outdoor welding.

4. The use of the hand-held welder can weld the product in any position and direction.

5. Can do double laser optical path intelligent conversion, time-sharing heat throughout symmetry.

6. Available a variety of complex welding, a variety of components welding.

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