Traditional rust removal VS Laser rust removal

In daily production.precision parts processing or accessory gearing will cause rust due to inventory condition or improper rust prevention. Rust not only affects the appearance of parts but also affects their quality and accuracy. So how to remove rust? Now we engineers will explain to you some common rust removal methods.

1.Mechanical rust removal

Mechanical rust removal uses small electric machines, such as angle grinding wheels, grinders, etc., to remove rust and dirt by using its impact and grinding effects. Mechanical rust removal is very efficient and is widely used in construction projects. But it is not suitable for precision parts and the labor cost is high.

2.chemical rust removal

Chemical rust removal is to place metal in an acid solution,to cause a chemical reaction between the acid solution and the oxides on the metal surface to achieve the purpose of rust removal. But its shortcomings are obvious. Compared with laser rust removal, chemical rust removal requires consumables, and the prices of consumables continue to rise, causing the cost of chemical rust removal to increase year by year. Secondly, it is a contact type, which has poor accuracy and causes damage to the original object. Due to the different thickness of rust, the rust removal effect is not uniform. The chemical rust removal process is complex and requires high requirements on operators, and pollution protection measures are required.

3.Sand blasting and rust removal

Sand blasting can remove all impurities and rust layers adhered to the metal surface. The metal surface treated by sandblasting can provide good adhesion to the coating film. Sandblasting and rust removal can effectively remove impurities on the metal surface, such as oxide scale, old rust, etc., and the rust removal effect is good. However, sandblasting equipment can cause pollution to the environment and is not recommended for use.

4.Laser rust removal

Laser rust removal is an emerging industrial cleaning solution. Especially the continuous laser cleaning machine produced by our company, also known as laser rust removal machine. It has been praised by customers.

Laser rust removal has many advantages


Laser rust removal is fast and can quickly remove various rust layers, oxide layers, paint films, etc., and can clear an area of 1 square meter in one minute.


The laser rust remover uses a high-precision laser beam to accurately illuminate the rusted area. After removing the rust layer, it will not cause damage to the object itself and can maintain the surface finish.

(3)Green and environmentally friendly

Laser rust removal does not produce environmental pollution or noise, and has no impact on the operator. And there is no need to use chemicals and other harmful substances, which meets environmental protection requirements.

(4)Multiple functions

In addition to rust removal, laser rust removal machines can also clean other materials. For more questions, please contact us at the phone number below.

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