Laser cleaning machine knowledge

1. Laser cleaning method

Use high energy density laser beam to irradiate the work piece surface, so that the dirt, rust or coating on the surface will evaporate or peel off instantly, to achieve cleaning and purification.

2. Details of laser cleaning machine

Laser power, frequency, scanning line width and scanning speed, etc.

3. Industry cleaning machine applications:

Microelectronics: semiconductor components, microelectronics, memory models, etc. ; protection of cultural relics: sculpture in stone, bronze, glass, oil paintings and murals, etc. ; abrasive cleaning: rubber molds, composite molds, metal molds, etc. ; Surface treatment: hydrophilic treatment, treatment of welds before and after welding, etc. parts Etc. Others: urban graffiti, printing rollers, exterior walls of buildings, nuclear industry, etc.

Shipbuilding, auto parts, rubber molds, high-end machine tools, molds for tires, tracks, environmental protection industry, weapons equipment industry, nuclear power industry and other paint stripping laser Laser degreasing.


1. No grinding and non-contact cleaning to avoid secondary pollution;

2. High cleaning precision and strong controllability;

3. No consumable, strong environmental protection;

4. The operation is simple, just turn on the power, and it can be held by hand or cooperated with a manipulator to realize automatic cleaning.

5. High cleaning efficiency, saving time

6. The system is stable and has a long service life;

7. One-off, economical and efficient investment;

4. Cleaning efficiency

(0.5 mm rust):

100w: 1 square meter per hour 200w: 3 square meter per hour

300w: 5 square meters per hour 500w: 8 square meters per hour

(0.2 mm rust):

100w: 2 square meters per hour 200w: 5 square meters per hour

0.5mm rust and 0.5mm paint, the paint is more difficult to remove,

The cleaning machine is better for the effect of less than 1mm and the same thickness of rust. The greater the power. The higher the efficiency.

Paint, depending on thickness, 200 watts can remove paint below 30μm, 500 watts, at 100-150μm.

3mm paint cleaning adopts composite cleaning, which is inconvenient to hold.

Thick oily dirt is wiped off and engine oil easily vaporizes instantly. It is best to wipe it off with a cloth first.

Rust cleaning depends on compactness, relatively dense, according to empirical recommendations, try to choose a high energy density.

High-speed railroad cleaning, two methods, requires more than 500 watts of power, and a well in 42 minutes. If combined cleaning, one tree for 18 minutes.

Train wheel axle, consisting of 500 watts or more and 300 watts.

The main purpose of cleaning the cruise ship is maintenance, removing paint from some parts and spraying the paint again. 1kw for shipbuilding, cruise liners, large nuclear power reservoir.

The 1kw track cleaning machine is 6-8 levels per hour. For aircraft manufacturing and maintenance, choose compound cleaning for better safety.

High reflection materials can be cleaned, but pay attention to the angle.

The latent focus is used in the cleaning tube.

A Rust removal of metal surfaces

B surface painting and stripping treatment

C surface oil, stains, dirt cleaning

D surface coating, coating removal

E Welding surface / spray surface pretreatment

F Removing dust and accessories from the surface of the stone statue

Cleaning of rubber mold residues G

5. How to choose the right cleaning laser

Rust, oxide layer: usually choose continuous laser cleaning machine.. Tire mold: Usually use pulse laser cleaning machine. The pulse laser is for high precision industries such as molds, and the cleaning efficiency is relatively high.

6. Length of fiber optic cable:

100w 3-5m;

200w-300w 5m, 500w-1000w can be extended to 10 meters.


Single phase voltage 220V(below 3000w). 3000w is 380v.


For continuous laser cleaning machine, protective lenses, usually no problem, about 20 pieces per year. If the ventilation system is added, the life of the protective lens will be greatly increased. The pulse laser cleaning machine no easy wear parts.

9.Fume extractor:

Common with the marking machine. Smoke will be generated during cleaning. If the smoke is left untreated, the smoke will be attached to the lens, which is easily damaged. Therefore, it is necessary to equip a smoke purification system. If the smoke purification system is good, a lens can be used for a year.

The smoker connection can be connected to the cleaning head.

10. Guarantee

The laser cleaning machine has a two-year warranty and the maintenance cost is not high. The power attenuation of about 2% per year is within the normal range.

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