What is pulse laser cleaning?

As the name suggests, pulse laser cleaning technology uses high-energy pulse laser beams to act on the surface of objects. Take advantage of rapid transient high temperatures and thermal expansion effects. A cleaning method for removing substances attached to surfaces.

Pulse cleaning is usually divided into the following four steps:

1. Instantaneous heating: The pulse laser beam releases a large amount of energy in a short period of time. The surface of the object is instantly heated to a high temperature.

2. Expansion and rupture: caused by the rapid expansion of the object surface under instantaneous high temperature conditions. Adhering dirt will further lose its adhesion to the surface. Coupled with the effects of thermal expansion, dirt can easily crack and detach from the surface.

3. Cooling and solidification: After the above two steps, the cleaned surface will quickly cool into a solid state. It can be seen that there is almost no secondary adhesion in the cleaning effect.

4. Precipitation cleaning: The cleaned dirt is separated in the solution. Remove dirt from clean surfaces by sedimentation or filtration.

Therefore, pulse laser cleaning technology has the advantage of thorough cleaning. High cleaning efficiency. No surface damage and other phenomena. Suitable for surface cleaning of various materials.

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