Laser cleaning machine

Laser cleaning machine is a high-tech cleaning equipment set optical, mechanical, electronic, material and other technologies and integration, can remove stains, paint, oxides and other organic and inorganic impurities through laser pulse radiation.It is widely used in modern industry, medical care, automobile maintenance, museum heritage protection and other fields.However, the operation of the laser cleaning machine is different from that of conventional cleaning equipment, and the following points need to be noted:

1. Safe operation

Laser cleaning machine has high laser power and has strong chemical and physical effects.Before operation, personal protective equipment, such as protective glasses, gloves, masks, etc., must be worn to avoid unnecessary accidents.At the same time, pay attention to distance during operation, do not touch the laser beam in person, so as not to cause damage to the adult body.

2.Cleaning object

Laser cleaning machine can remove a variety of impurities, but the applicability of different materials, shapes, and surface conditions varies.Before cleaning, the pro-cleaning object must be analyzed to confirm whether it is suitable for laser cleaning.Some metals will absorb the laser, which will cause energy accumulation due to the absorption of laser energy, resulting in the melting process, some suitable for handling rough surface materials, but not suitable for handling bright surface materials.For glass, aluminum alloy, tin and other materials, appropriate parameters need to be set and controlled during operation.

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