Laser Cleaning Machine for Rust Removal

Here we will learn Laser Cleaning Machine for Rust Removal, see the following

For mechanical friction cleaning high cleanliness, Damage base material Chemical etching cleaning Unstressed cleaning,

Heavier pollution Fluid solid jet cleaning High frequency ultrasonic cleaning High flexibility,

For the high-cost Good cleaning effect, such as Limited size, Complex effluent treatment, and Dry workpiece.

And Laser cleaning–New technology, green and environmental

And Long-focus cleaning laser source has high surface roughness and high tolerance range of processing height on the workpiece,

Also the use of special mode laser, the high tolerance range of non-stable environment, and efficient removal of rust stains with no hurt to the base material.

Laser cleaning fully enclosed external optical path system, combined with a special mode of laser, the high-energy pulse laser collected in the surface of an object,

But for the principles of plasma blasting and by controlling the effective displacement of the laser beam to achieve cleaning.

The whole process is controlled by the computer according to the program. Laser Cleaning Machine for Rust Removal.

The laser absorption rate for metal] Based on the metal surface cleaning customized laser, according to the laser absorption rate of different wavelength of materials,

the prior art selection of 1064 nm solid-state lasers or fiber lasers, metal absorption rate of up to 30%, with special mode spot, both can effectively clean rusty,And also protect Base metal with no damage.

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