Automatic edge seeking and cutting process of fiber laser cutting machine

Fiber laser cutting machine, as a device that plays a major role in the field of sheet metal cutting, is a high-tech application system integrating light, machine and electricity. Each of its cutting processes reflects the intentions of mechanical craftsmen, and their efforts allow the fiber laser cutting machine to be applied stably, safely and efficiently. Among them, the automatic edge-finding cutting process embodies the advantages of fiber laser cutting machine with many, fast, good and economical.

The automatic edge finding and cutting process of the fiber laser cutting machine means that the cutting machine can automatically track and compensate the metal sheet throughout the entire process under the collaborative work of the camera positioning vision system and the computer software to ensure accurate cutting. If the sheet material is skewed on the worktable, it may cause waste during cutting. However, when the cutting head can sense the inclination angle and origin of the sheet material, the cutting process can be adjusted to suit the angle and position of the sheet material and avoid waste of raw materials.

After the fiber laser cutting machine starts the automatic edge finding function, the cutting head can start from a specified point, and then automatically measure several points on the two vertical edges of the sheet, and automatically calculate the inclination angle of the sheet based on this, and the sheet The origin of the material to complete the cutting task. It is well known that the workpiece on the worktable weighs hundreds of kilograms, so it is not easy to adjust and move it. With the automatic edge finding function of the fiber laser cutting machine, the time for adjusting the workpiece can be saved and the efficiency of the machine can be improved. .

With the continuous upgrading of science and technology, laser process technology has promoted the transformation of CNC laser cutting machines from a single function to a multi-functional device, from a single industry application to a variety of industries, and the scope is continuously expanding. Efficiency and quality have been rapidly improved to meet the needs of many users.

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