The future and main application scenarios of co2 laser marking machines, important members of laser marking machines

The CO2 laser marking machine uses a carbon dioxide (CO2) laser, which was invented by C.Kumar N.Patel at Bell Labs in 1964. It can also be called a glass laser tube. CO2 laser marking machine is currently a laser product with high continuous output power. It is widely used in the field of cutting non-metallic materials and is used in leather, stone, jade, textile, medical, material processing, industrial manufacturing and other fields. Especially in industries such as logo marking and inkjet printing, it has unique applications.

At present, the wavelength of industrial CO2 lasers is mainly 10.64μm, and the output is infrared light. Its electro-optical conversion efficiency can generally reach 15% to 25%. Due to current laser processing, the birth of fiber laser marking machines has performed well in the field of metal marking. This has led to people being misled about CO2 laser marking machines. In fact, this idea is wrong. As the most technologically mature, stable and reliable type of light source, CO2 laser marking machines are also very mature in process development. Even today, CO2 lasers are still used in many applications in Europe and the United States.

Therefore, the application focus of CO2 laser in the future is likely to be the application of non-metallic materials. It covers many fields, including glass, ceramics, cloth, leather, wood, plastics, polymers, etc.

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