Laser cleaning technology

Laser cleaning technology refers to the use of high-energy laser beam irradiation of the work surface, so that the surface of the dirt, rust spots or coatings occur instantaneous evaporation or stripping, high-speed and effective removal of the cleaning object surface attachments or surface coatings, so as to achieve a clean process. A laser cleaner is a tool that uses laser technology to clean or remove surface contaminants. The cleaner emits a high-powered laser beam to vaporize or gasify the contaminants.

Industrial laser cleaning is the process of irradiating a solid surface with a laser beam to remove unwanted material. By absorbing the energy of the laser beam, the target material (the surface layer to be removed) is rapidly heated, causing it to evaporate or sublimate. Since the surface of the substrate does not absorb any energy (or absorbs very little energy), it remains intact. By controlling the laser fluence, wavelength and pulse length, the amount of material removed by a single laser pulse can be very precisely controlled.

Since laser cleaning does not use any chemical solvents or other consumables, it is environmentally friendly, safe to operate and has very many advantages:

1. Green, without the use of any chemicals and cleaning solutions;

2. Cleaning waste is mainly solid powder, small in size and easy to collect and recycle;

3. Cleaning waste smoke is easy to absorb and process, low noise, no harm to personal health;

4. Non-contact cleaning, no media residue, no secondary pollution;

5. Selective cleaning can be realized without damaging the substrate;

6. No working medium consumption, only consumption of electricity, low cost of use and maintenance;

7. Easy to realize automation, reduce labor intensity;

8. Suitable for hard-to-reach areas or surfaces, for hazardous or dangerous environments.

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